Favorite Products

for Stroke and TBI Rehabilitation

Check out the sections below to see products that we trust, use and most frequently recommend 

Activities of Daily Living

For our favorite products to help you with your self care/ activities of daily living, please check out our section on “Activities of Daily living” on our store front here

Neuromuscular Reeducation

Please check out our section on “neuromuscular reeducation” to learn our favorite products for addressing spasticity and flaccidity and muscle stimulation and activation here

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These our our favorite books in stroke recovery.  Please check out the “books” section  here


Check out our favorite cognitive tools and aids under our “cognition” section here

Hand Eye Coordination

These are our favorite products for improving eye hand coordination after stroke or traumatic brain injury. Check them out  here


Check out our section on “Strengthening” on our store front here