Stroke and Brain Injury Rehabilitation in the Comfort of Your Home

How Can Occupational Therapy Help Me?

Cognitive Skills

impaired problem solving, attention, organization or memory

Physical Rehabilitation

arm and hand weakness, problems with coordination, or impaired balance

Vision and Perception

visual field cut or neglect, difficulty with reading, impaired eye hand coordination 

Improve Independence

Return to daily roles, driving, and work by re-training skills and using adapted strategies/tools

What does an Occupational Therapy session look like?

  • OT comes to your home or via telehealth on your computer
  • No need to travel!  It’s convenient and practical, using your own home items and in your own environment
  • No need to simulate in a clinic what you would like to work on
  • Your goals are our priority and get utmost attention
  • Providing home safety and fall risk assessment
  • Instruction in evidence based home exercise program with goals and upgrades as you improve
  • Including your caregiver in the session, when helpful

About Us

Shauna Young is a passionate and experienced Occupational Therapist who has received certifications and extensive training in neurological rehabilitation covering areas of arm and hand rehabilitation, vision, perception, and cognition